Quant Company offers consulting and training services in different areas of data science such as business analytics, machine learning, statistics, visualization and scientific computing. We deliver value from data so you can take the best strategic decisions.

Technologies we work with

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Training - Quant Company

Learn the skill of the 21st Century

Making sense of data is one of the most marketable and important skills in the 21st Century. We train professionals from business and academia in data science topics and the R programming language. In addition to the in-site training, all of our courses provide the maximum value to the participants with a complete package that includes:

Coaching Sessions Professional Notes
E-books Cheat Sheets
Software Exclusive Access to Learning Materials

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Introduction to R Programming

Stand out by learning the basics of the world’s most popular data analysis and statistics programming language.

Basics of Data Analysis

Learn the most important and foundational concepts in data analysis through a list of real world and industry-specific case studies.

Applied Statistics with R

Gain an edge and start thinking more analytically by understanding from a practical point of view the most useful statistical concepts and techniques.

Data Manipulation Tools

Get to the next level by acquiring the data manipulation skills that will make you different from the traditional business analyst.

Data Visualization

Learn how to communicate your results in an effective way using beautiful and informative visualizations.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Learn how to uncover hidden patterns and find meaningful relations in data by learning how to use the most popular Machine Learning algorithms.

Web Applications with Shiny

Impress your audience! Go beyond the traditional static reports and start communicating your results in the form of interactive web applications using the powerful Shiny framework developed by RStudio.

Consulting Services

Consulting-Quant Company

Let us give you value from data

Every question in business is in the end an information problem and today that information is hidden in your organization’s data. Data science is about the methods and technologies for intelligently analyze data and uncover hidden insight. Our goal is to always provide insight and analysis that will lead to better decision-making.

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Areas of expertise

Analytic Applications

Be better at decision making by having the information you need always at hand and up to date. We develop interactive data analytic applications, interactive reports and dashboards.

Business Analytics

Through the use of analytics techniques to deliver value from data, resulting in better decision-making and strategic actions.

Statistical Consulting

Statistics helps in business by giving a way to scientifically deal with uncertainty, generalizations and forecasts.

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods (mathematical modeling, operations research, optimization) deliver excellent results when incorporated into business processes like production planning, logistics and other key business areas.